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Introduction Been trying to conceive for years. Two early miscarriages (12/93, 01/05), and a fairly late miscarriage ( Jan 06) which almost broke me. I've finally gathered myself together again however now I can't seem to get pregnant at all. Moving on to IVF, dragging my husband behind me..... Now with surprise pregnancy (07/07), naturally conceived during down reg cycle. Much happiness, short lived though as things started to look dodgy at 7 wk 1 day and finally was declared non viable two weeks later. Another ERPC, yet another failure. Where now? I really don't know.... Back to IVF it would seem. IVF #1 (take 2)- Nov/Dec '07 BFN. After a lot of mind changing whilst trying to decide between IVF #2 or another puppy (and hanging up my TTC shoes). IVF #2 won, Feb-March '08. Should have gone for the puppy as it ended in another BFN. July '08 IVF #3 (or is it 4?) BFN... I'm starting to notice a pattern.

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