Abby Geiger

About me

Location Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Introduction I'm a country girl in the big city. I live a pretty normal life but have done lots of strange and interesting things over the years. I dislike having my routine disrupted yet am not afraid to try new things and make my life over from time to time. In short, I'm a walking, talking contradiction of just about anything I can say about myself!
Interests Music, art and writing.
Favorite Movies Anything Star Wars, Star Trek, Die Hard or Terminator, The Breakfast Club, Con Air, Mask, Braveheart, Avatar, The Butterfly Effect, Dreamscape, everything Pirates of the Caribbean, and many others. Prefer action/adventure/scifi.
Favorite Music Rock. Favorite bands are Rush and Judas Priest.
Favorite Books Jean Auel's "Earth's Children" series, Lucifer's Hammer, Watership Down and 1984 just to name a few.