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Introduction There's not much interesting to say: I love snow, I hate dreary days, I like dogs, I love the 100 degree weather of the dry West Texas summer day and the never ending expanse of the same night sky, I love my husband and his big curly hair, I only like my dad's au gratin potatoes and my mom knows everything, I love being Catholic, I hate living in Chicago, I can't believe anyone dislikes country music from the 60s to the late 80s and don't understand why anybody likes most of what comes after, I can't believe my good fortune in marriage, I love the roses my husband buys me, I was born on Our Lady of Guadalupe's feast day which makes me pretty stinkin' special (so was Frank Sinatra), I think God did bless Texas, I lived in California for a few months and now I know why everyone wants to live there (no, not because it's liberal - because it’s straight up beautiful), I hate politics, I don't know what I'm doing and even if I did know I probably wouldn't be doing it because I have trouble finding a catalyst to overcome my potential barrier in order to move from potential to kinetic energy and actually do something, and I like to ramble or maybe I just have a hard time not doing it.