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Industry Business Services
Occupation I advise major corporations on how to best commodify the people of the world.
Location Coruscant, Coruscant
Introduction I am a mysterious figure who has not been seen for the past century. I may or may not exceed the physical limitations of an inedibly sautéed pancake. I enjoy writing, drawing, and exploding into colorful pieces of confetti.
Interests Eating thermite, Juggling walruses, Inhaling cows, Sautéing the economy, Trying to understand the world.
Favorite Movies Citizen Kane, Super Smash Bros.
Favorite Music Anything that I can make out a melody or rhythm in without my ears bleeding.
Favorite Books Twilight- Old Sun.

If you drive on a parkway why don't they make the whole plane out of that?

Just think about what would have happened if the entire shopping mall industry reverted to cannibalism. Exactly. There's no way you could park on a driveway without making a lard bucket out of walruses.