Mommy to Chumsy

About me

Location Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Introduction I'm a bagel-loving and shopping crazy stay-at-home mommy to a cheeky 3 year old toddler. Blogging and indulging in lots of retail therapy help me keep my sanity.
Interests Shopping, shopping and more shopping.
Favorite Movies Scent of a Woman, Joy Luck Club, One Fine Day, The Green Mile, Phenomenon, Ladder 49, Bend It Like Beckham, Mississipi Masala
Favorite Music Andrea Bocelli, Mariah Carey, Faith Hill, Bee Gees, Martina McBribe
Favorite Books Memoirs of a Geisha, all Sidney Sheldon books, all Amy Tan's book, The Wild Swan

Do you believe that forks are evolved from spoons?

I have no freaking idea...