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Occupation Author of assorted thingies
Location Chicago, Illinois, United States
Introduction Head of the Party Tarts Association of America, owner of several dyspeptic manticores, thinking about horology, categorically NOT Louise Brooks, Sally Salt of the Lusty Revel Wenches, trying to dispense with the name Unnerstall which possibly means "chicken coop", monk to end all monks, Lara Rabe, slightly Ashkenazic, will write a movie about it, likes movies, sometimes clever... yes.
Interests Homunculus Notches, music, legs, lack of legs, poems, the problems of people who write poems, Terry Gilliam's brain, Neil Gaiman's brain, brains, the idea of Hannibal Lecter but not Anthony Hopkins agreeing to ever second-rate script out there, Monty Python's Flying Circus, violent insecurities, John Everett's father's tiny tiny waist, manticores, monastic lifestyles, klezmer