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Industry Museums or Libraries
Occupation Inventor
Location Sector 9, Metropolis, U.S. Outlying Islands
Introduction We at Wondaland are inventors. We wear tuxedos everyday. We jump in pools during performances. We wear Civil War hats and rock vintage Jordans. We believe truth can be broken down with the following formula: Truth= Love x Imagination. We believe songs are spaceships. We believe music is the weapon of the future. We believe books are stars. We believe there are only three forms of music: good music, bad music and funk. About Wondaland: We have created our own state, our own republic. There is grass here. Grass sprouts from toilet seats, bookshelves, ceilings and floors. Grass makes us feel good. In this state, there are no laws, there is only music. Funk rules the spirit. And punk rules the courtrooms and marketplace. Period. In this state, there is no food. We eat books and season them with wine and cotton candy. When you want the news, you read a comic book. There is also Love. Sex. Wisdom. Magic and Wonder. These things add up to something new and ancient that we call WISM. WISM makes us feel good. Who needs drugs when you've got WISM?
Interests We believe in things that begin with the letter R: Rain Riot Revolution Robot Visions Robopsychology (The Three Laws of Robotics: see Isaac Asimov) Red Read Roses Revolver (The Beatles, you idiot!) Reformation Rejuvenation Redemption Reanimation (see the Deep Cotton song "Reanimator" for details) Reanimator (the film) Rollerskating Rock n' Roll Reason (the concept and the music program) Reservior Dogs Richard Wright Rice (preferably fried) Rakim Ray Bradbury Ramones Rope (The Hitchcock Film) Roots (book, mini-series, band) Rainbow Ralph Ellison R2D2 Renaissance and on and on to 'da break of dawn... --Chuck Lightning
Favorite Music About Janelle Monáe: Our leading cybersiren, Janelle Monáe, believes the world can be changed with musical frequencies in three minutes and thirty seconds flat. We are now testing her hypothesis. Some outtakes from these Liberation Experiments can be heard on her coming single Violet Stars Happy Hunting (June 1st) and Suite I of Metropolis (Suite I: The Chase coming this summer from a galaxy far, far away). About Deep Cotton: That's us: Control Z and me, Chuck Lightning. We're cyberfreaks. Right now we're fascinated with punkism, digital revolution, astral projection and funk after death. See our coming album Runaway Radio. It's okay to be scared. We all are.

Why does the color blue mean raspberry-flavored?

are you kidding? on one hand you've got strawberry, watermelon, pink lemonade, cinnamon, cherry and anything that burns your tounge fighting over RED and you've got the nerve to be mad that raspberry wanted to carve out it's own space? ... It's called a BLUE OCEAN people. Plus, blueberries aren't really that juicy like raspberries are.