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Gender MALE
Industry Student
Location Prescott Valley, Arizona, United States
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Introduction Well hello there! Welcome to my blog. This is the official blog of DjjD Studios. The topics may vary, the stories may be diverse, but this is definitely all by yours truly, Jacob Diaz. I know you're thinking to yourself...why should I keep reading and you're absolutely right to think that! Is this blog going to just be gibberish, nonsensical statements and tangents off of tangents? Yes! It is! However, when I'm not being ridiculous...this is where I post music I've discovered and where I'll be doing complete reviews of albums that I encounter. So if you like music, then that alone, is a real reason you should stay to read. I promise you my writing isn't that bad, it's certainly more legible than spelling out words in your Chef Boyardee's alphabet pasta! Good day!
Interests audio engineering, sound design, music, entertainment, digital audio workstations, composition, production
Favorite Movies Uncle Buck, Tropic Thunder, Blow, The Matrix, Chicken Run, Batman Begins, Cloverfield, Django Unchained, Skyfall
Favorite Music Sublime, Cypress Hill, Bluetech, John Williams, Collie Buddz, Guthrie Govan, the list goes on...
Favorite Books The Fall of Reach

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