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Gender MALE
Location Bellingham, WA, United States
Introduction A 6th generation resident of the Pacific Northwest, I have grown up exploring the far corners of the region. As far back as I can remember, I always strove for self sufficiency. In elementary school I used to camp in the wooded lot adjacent to our house and try and go the entire weekend without going inside. This led me to learn the plants and animals around me, especially those that are edible. In highschool, I spent 8-weeks canoeing in the Broughton Archipelago foraging for half of my daily calories. More recently, I have come to understand wild foods as a means of reconciling our industrialized relationship with the earth. Harvesting the products of native ecosystems not only increases our sense of place but simultaneously decreases our reliance on fossil fuels and monotypic landscapes of exotic species, which are both threatening the health of the planet. I recently completed a Master's Degree in Ethnobotany because I wanted to understand how the Aboriginal Peoples of the Pacific Northwest sustainably manage(d) their food systems. I continue to study and promote indigenous and wild foods however I can, and regularly incorporate them into my diet.
Interests Wild Foods, Foraging, Wild Edibles, Ethnobotany, Botany, Mushroom Hunting, Seaweed, Fishing, Photography, Running, Backpacking, Kayaking, Soccer, Reading