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Location İSTANBUL, Turkey
Introduction Hello and welcome to my blog, Eight years ago I decided to start dealing with jewelry. I’ve learnt the hundred years old techniques of traditional gold-smithing from the masters of this art.Living in Anatolia which is a great combination of culture, thousands-of-year-teachings and nature, makes all of my works unique and distinguished from the average. You may get lost in the cultural attraction of Istanbul while fooling around the city, you might open your eyes in the bedroom of a sultan or in a modern arts exhibition, which inspires you deeply, penetrating to your dreams and imagination. You may get dizzy while enjoying the maiden towers 360 degrees view or while gazing the dancing ‘alevi’ and ‘mevlevi’. Just like being on a boat crossing two continents, I am creating my works by the artistic tides and techniques from the East and West. My works have been produced by traditional goldsmithing techniques.