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Introduction Five books on urban legends have appeared under my name. "The Rabbit in the Thorn Tree", my first book, appeared in 1990. It was followed by "The Leopard in the Luggage" in 1993, "The Ink in the Porridge" in 1994, "The Aardvark and the Caravan" in 1999, and "The Ghost that Closed Down the Town" in 2006, all published by Penguin. The first four are out of print, but the first is now available in digital format. There was also "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Internet", first published in 1995, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to Going Mobile" in 2007, and "The Mobile Office" in 2009. A new urban legends book will be published by Penguin in late 2010. If you really want to know what I do to pay for fuel, rent and mouldy old papyrus, visit