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Industry Student
Occupation Formerly Alpaca Pasture Maintenance, now victim of the economic crisis...
Interests NCFCA, speech, debate, Playing with my best friends- Sophia, Charlie, Ava, Milo (okay- they're my siblings too), Drawing anything I find fascinating (don't try to catch me without a sketchbook!) Breathing deep everytime I enter God's beautiful masterpeice--Nature; Flying up a hill with horsehair in my mouth! Giving Max carrots; Sitting under blossoming cherry trees, spinning stories in my head, with my hands in Chester's mane; Reading Scottish novels; writing stories and poetry; NCFCA; Eating baby kosher dill pickles; Singing to all musicals; dancing around the house like I'm nuts, Being a (not so) secret star wars geek, Airsoft, SNOWBOARDING!, swimming
Favorite Movies Hornblower, The Princess Bride, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, The Sound of Music, Star Wars, Kidnapped, The Incredibles, That Thing You Do, Veggietales, Disney's Tarzan, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Robin Hood, My fair Lady (but NOT the end- why'd Eliza have to marry Mr. Higgins anyway?), I am David
Favorite Music Pachebel, Gilbert and Sullivan, Rodrigo y Gabriella, Steve and Shelley Hines, Little Big Town, Veggietales, Switchfoot, Meav, Weird Al, Eiffel 65, Tim Mcgraw, Meav (and other Celtic/Irish/Gaelic music), MUSICALS!, anything Bagpipes
Favorite Books Little Women, Hornblower, A Wrinkle in Time, Holy Bible, The Captain from Conneticut, Moccasin Trail, San Domingo, Anne of Green Gables, Mara, Johnnie Tremain, Eragon, Eldest, Artemis Fowl, Jane Eyre, To Kill a Mocking Bird, George MacDonald's works, What's Mine's Mine, Robert Falconer, The Day Boy and the Night Girl, Laddie, Where the Wild Things Are, The Chronicles of Narnia, My Side of the Mountain, Lionboy, Elizabeth Eliot's works, The Impotance of Being Ernest, The Light in the Forset, Last of the Mohicans, Johnny Tremain, To hell and back, The Screwtape letters, Tolkein (of course!), Anything by CS Lewis, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Mara:Daughter of the Nile, An Old Fashioned Girl, Ivanhoe