About me

Gender Female
Occupation Mama
Location flyover country, United States
Introduction I am an ugly oyster with five pearls inside my heart - though my four boys most likely don't relate to the description "pearl" - lol
Interests people, ideas, timeless principles and truths, crazy odball stuff like tiny houses plus living vicariously through others (pitiful I know but I have priorities...that limit me)
Favorite Movies character films in general
Favorite Music eclectic; anything sung directly to me :D
Favorite Books the Bible forever, coffee table books, beginning to soak up biographies when I have time, fiction is an occasional guilty pleasure!

Why do you think honeydew is the money melon?

It was restricted to royalty in ancient china and growers raked it in... Honey, dew you have any money on you?... It's green, sweet, and really cheap to grow so some marketing department came up with a scheme...