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Location United Kingdom
Introduction I'm Elleusive, sometimes known as Elle. For those who've never come across the name Elle is a shortened form of Elizabeth and is pronounced as El. Yes the second e is silent and those dare call me Ellie will not receive a favourable welcome *laughs* I'm a bit of a recluse and was nicknamed elusive by friends ages back because of this which is what led to the name I use here. I've a few varied interests, which many may find strange for me but what does that matter, long as I have fun? In the real world I keep myself busy with a bit of a job and more enjoyably by organising games ranging from one-off 40k games with friends, to a whole multitude of campaigns and of course Heartlandslarp.co.uk which I act as lead coordinator planning both rules & plot! One last warning, I enjoy typing whats on my mind and rarely have time to edit... Tho I'm too nice a girl to actually say (or at least mean) anything insulting.
Interests Music (varied), Reading, Writing, Games Workshop produced games (many), LARP, Dungeons & Dragons, general Roleplay
Favorite Movies The Nightmare Before Christmas, Iron Man, Almost anything Disney, Battle Royale, Back to the Future
Favorite Music My music taste is highly eclectic...
Favorite Books Anything Discworld, Most anything by Dan Abnett, Darkest Powers trilogy by Kelly Armstrong

Lionesses have no manes. How do they know when they've grown up?

Easy question, girls are always more grown up than boys and never need proof! xD