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Location Michigan, United States
Introduction I am a: Wife to a wise, fun, calm and loving husband. He is my very best friend. Mom to an adoring, fun-loving, kidney-beaning, boxer. Daughter to two awesome sets of parents and sister to a brother and sister who were stuck with me and two brothers and a sister who’ve adopted me. A granddaughter, niece, cousin and aunt to the best family a girl could have! Aaron is a talented mechanic, aspiring TV watcher and ice cream eater and leader of a Christ-centered home. I’m a technical writer/document designer and aspiring florist, and learning to be a helper and follower of my husband. Sofie is a kiss-giver, comedian, and aspiring gymnast and learning to… well okay, she’s not really learning much of anything. But she sure is cute! These are the stories, rambling thoughts and snapshots of our life.
Interests Laura's Interests: scrapbooking, floral design, dogs, home decor Aaron's Interests: watching TV, fixing cars, eating gummies, taking naps, dogs Sofia's Interests: Rubber Chew Toys, branches and sticks, treaties, running and jumping and other dogs.
Favorite Movies Pirates of the Caribbean(1) - I won't even start quoting it or I might not end!, X-Men, The Patriot, M.Night Shayaman movies, Will Ferrel movies (we're all going streakin!")and many many more! I like action and suspense, but not scary or chick flickish.
Favorite Music We both like such a large variety I'm not even going to start listing! It just depends on the mood we're in.
Favorite Books I like to read mysteries or suspense, and some non-fiction. Aaron will only read non-fiction, and only the parts he wants to!

If you were a pirate, how would you avoid laughing when saying "poop deck"?

It's not a humorous thing. If it's not clean, someone could slip while trying to get off to raid, pillage and plunder. And I am a pirate.