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Occupation Full-Time Lover
Location Los Angeles, CA, United States
Introduction I am an aspiring actress. It has always been my dream to get my act on to allow people to feel me on camera whether it be through the good, the bad or the ugly.
Interests I'm interested in life, and. . . EVERYTHING in IT. I love to help people.
Favorite Music ...I will listen to anything that can rock my socks.
Favorite Books The Bible is one of the most enlightening books ever created. Whether religious or not, it teaches you the values of life, right from wrong which... in lighter terms hasn't been taught to everyone out there regardless of prior perceptions... reason for there being so much cruel criminal activity against another. . . In other words, basic home training and common courtesy can and will be self taught IF you so choose to take the path of righteousnes or simply read a good book. It may take you a while, nevertheless, it's worth IT. Besides, what do you have to lose? We have nothing but time. It's the only thing guaranteed. Time itself although never promised nor predicted in length for each individual, is always promised even if for just one second, hour, day, month or year... It's still ours to have, take, annd use... as our very own. In other words, don't waste it. Time... is a precious thing to waste. Don't trick it off. Kurt Vonnegut books also hit the spot. He's a freaking genius in a very eccentric kind of a way. But, he keeps me going and me attention. . . and that's always a good look, especially when it comes to a book.