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Gender Female
Industry Communications or Media
Occupation PR/ Marketing Specialist
Location san francisco, california, United States
Introduction i started this blog in miami, at which point i looked east to europe and then toward asia for my stories. since then, i've settled in san francisco: the most inspirational home i've ever had. i gaze toward the east for inspiration, thinking of my friends in miami, new york, london, paris, amsterdam, corsica, istanbul, tehran, nagoya, perth, cairns and sydney. this blog is a record of my musings and reflections on a life well traveled- both through experiences and ideas.
Interests i love music- the kinds that make you feel like a warrior, the kinds that make you feel like you could melt into the person next to you, and the kinds that transcend language to communicate feelings beyond words. i also love anything having to do with the ocean- i like being on boats, jumping off cliffs into the water, laying on the beach, trying to surf, reading in the sunshine. exploring new places by running and biking around.
Favorite Movies the holy grail and life of brian are two of my all time favorites. to catch a thief, casablanca, notorious, the maltese falcon, to have and have not, my neightbor totoro, 300, pan's labyrinth, rushmore, high fidelity, reality bites, mallrats, lost in translation, room with a view, hackers, great expectations...
Favorite Music frightened rabbit, bon iver, max richter, sebastian tellier, the artic monkeys, the cure, aphex twin, lcd soundsystem, rjd2, bt this binary universe, cut copy, the appleseed cast, the getup kids, the jealous sound, knapsack, engine down, stars, erland oye, bjork, the cure, sigur ros, explosions in the sky, mogwai, mono, the title ceremony, planes mistaken for stars, minor threat, fugazi, dinosaur jr, godspeed you black emporer, hot water music, trail of dead, built to spill, pinebender, broken social scene and ladytron. arcade fire, the shins, the view.
Favorite Books a book is a time and a place- its who you were when you read it and how it changed you afterward. up to this point the books i like the most are: hard boiled wonderland and the end of the world, kafka on the shore, the road, a movable feast, catcher in the rye, 1984, and anthem. i love the bold ideology and courage found in the fountainhead and atlas shrugged. i love the classics (a tale of two cities, the age of innocence, les miserables) and russians (the brothers karamazov, crime and punishment, dr. zchivago, fathers and sons, spring torrents).