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Introduction I am a full time mom, and wife!! And I LOVE it! I have the great privilege and challenge of raising 4 little ones. I teach them, guide them, care for them and share in their joy of discovering the world. It is the best job ever! Each child has his or her individual needs and challenges unique to them. My sweet daughter has the challenge of being severely allergic to many foods. Milk, egg, peanut, tree nuts, and sesame seed. As well as Oral allergy syndrome to some fruits and veggies. I started this blog to compile things that I have learned through this challenge. I want to share tips and suggestions on how to navigate this allergy world. I don't have all the answers but I would like to share things that have worked for us and how we live our lives with this. Because we do want to live and enjoy this world even with food allergies. Life is to be lived and experienced. There is a lot of joy in life, even with challenges. This blog is to help us learn how to do this. We live our life day to day and cherish the moments, however big or small! Life Is Good!!