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Introduction I'm in my mid twenties, love Jesus, and have no verbal filter which suits my job in the ER very well. I've been a nurse for five years and it's amazing how much I've learned in such a short time- and even more amazing how much I still need to learn. At any rate I'm loving my job and loving the learning. I also love action movies, beer, camping, football, and high heels. The name Shrtstormtrooper comes from a long established understanding that I suffer from incurable nerditis. I do so love all nerdy things and that love started with Star Wars. In short, I'm living the good life.
Favorite Movies Star Wars, Monty Python, Harry Potter, and any movie where shit blows up or people laugh a lot - or both.
Favorite Books Harry Potter, Stiff, James Michener books, Watchmen, and random autobiographies by amusing celebrities

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