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Gender Female
Location Aztec, New Mexico, United States
Introduction I'm a single mom of 4, 3 boy's and 1 girl. ages 12, 10, 6 and 2. I have an ex husband that still likes to try and control every aspect of my life so things get intresting at times. I have a boyfriend who lives with me and my children and spoils us every chance he gets. I like to babble and loose focous so sometimes what I write can be confusing and sometimes it gets intresting on what goes on in my mind. I use my writings to try and figure out where I'm at during diffrent moments in my life and to relieve some of the more painful moments as well.Read on and I hope you all enjoy :)
Interests Reading, writing on occasion, watching movies, my kids, hiking, fishing, camping, hockey
Favorite Movies my favorite movies vary from romantic to comedy to horror (so long as its not going to give me nightmares for a month) and pretty much anything in between. I like alot of the older movies (like my grandparents used to watch and still do) as well as modern day movies. I admit I have been in a closet for the last 13 years when it comes to alot of the newer movies but when I do have the chance I enjoy those as well.
Favorite Music My love for music gets intresting as well. I like the Classics as well as Heavy Metal, Country, Rock, some Rap, Blues, Alternative pretty much anything (except polka never could get into that)
Favorite Books I read mostly Nora Roberts and Christine Feehan however have a collection of books that vary in Authors. Those I dont liek haven't been read much but the good ones are mostly falling apart.

What really gets your goat? I know that there are alot of diffrent things that annoy people and I have my "pet peves" the same as the next person. Some of mine are common to everyone like liars, cheaters and thiefs, then there are some that most don't talk about but I am always open to see what bugs others so let me know.