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Introduction Hi, Welcome, this is a look into my world where I wear many hats. There is so much to do and I am hitting the ground running trying to fit everything in. My life is always busy with my cute 8 year old son and my husband of 14 years. For some reason my projects never end, no matter if I am cooking up family traditional recipes, taking my son to one of his many activities, going on vacation or just sitting around scrapbooking. Something is always going on in our home. I love to document events in our life. I am always taking pictures writing dates and events down. When my son was born I started writing letters to him. Looking back I am so happy I captured those moments, not only on film but also in letters. I am starting this blog to continue with the documentation of our life and how every day, week, and year unfolds into our wonderful family that we share together. I want to capture the past present and future in this now form of journaling called a blog. I would be thrilled if you will follow along! Many Thanks, Marianne
Interests I like to be creative and I am involved in everything that allows me to be creative. This somewhat sums me up. I am an overprotective, child raising, home cooking, home decorating, acrylic painting, craft enthusiast, fast talking, amateur gardening, photographer taking, television addicted, deep thinking, person/wife and mother.