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Gender MALE
Industry Arts
Occupation Filmmaker-Artist-Writer
Location London, United Kingdom
Introduction I was born in 1975, the year the Vietnam War ended, raised a Catholic, became a Muslim in 1993. I was brought up on Movies as my father is a big movie buff and he even acted a little and was a stage manager for a brief time. I enjoyed a visit to Universal Studios when I was very young. I have started filmmaking with the intention to make both Movies and Documentaries. Documentaries will be an extension of my background as a Researcher/Writer and my Movies are another manifestation of my art background. My Movies are symbolic/expressionist/impressionist. I am concentrating on shorts at the moment but do plan to make longer Movies and documentaries.
Interests I have too many interests and this is why I am struggling to finish some things that should have been completed long ago. Religion, Paranormal, Philosophy, Psychology, Astronomy, Science, Nature, Movies, Art, Politics, Ancient Civilizations, History, Landscapes/Rugged Scenery and I love the thunder and lightning, the rain and grey skies. In Sport I like football, tennis, cycling. I am not really a technical person but I do appreciate technology and those who develop it. I am a big fan of Linux operating systems for computers and am grateful to those volunteers and organizations who design, develop and maintain the various Linux distributions including all of the software designed for it. I use Linux Mint and Linux Ubuntu and would use more if I had the time and computers (I know very little about them) but know enough to have benefited from them.
Favorite Movies The Shining, Southern Comfort, One Hour Photo, Solaris (Russian Original), The Godfather Trilogy, Blade Runner, Carlito's Way, Twilight Zone - The Movie, Platoon, Christine, The Fog, Strangers on a Train, Twelve Angry Men (Original), One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (The Original & the 70's Remake), An American Werewolf in London, Rosemary's Baby, Heat, Dirty Harry Movies, Star Wars (Original Trilogy), Psycho (Hitchcock Original), Deadly Intentions (obscure TV movie with Michael Biehn), The Amityville Horror (Original), The Omen I & II (Originals), The Thing (Carpenter), The Stuff, War of the Worlds (Spielberg), Jacob's Ladder, Arlington Road
Favorite Books The Qura'n (and many Islamic books in all spheres), All About Lightning (Uman), Tragedy and Hope (Quigley), The Anglo-American Establishment (Quigley), The Hypnotic Brain, The User Illusion, A History of the Church (Hughes), The Power of Kings (Monod), Colonization (Ferro), The Mending of Minds (Tonge). I have over a thousand books on a lot of important and interesting topics and most of them excite me, but I never find the time to read them.