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Location Sacramento, California, United States
Introduction Biologist by education, software engineer by vocation, concerned about the future, wanting to improve its prospects.

I have not accepted compensation for blogging or other communication efforts.

Political contributions: I gave $35 to Obama's 2012 campaign.

Painfully naive in the political machinations department, not the sharpest knife in the drawer, lousy chess player.

Proprietor of Nevada County Voices,,

Next focus: data journalism*, since I really need to do something that's unambiguously constructive.
* Unless someone wants me to critique their climate outreach; unsolicited ones seem to bounce off.

Handy good-faith/bad-faith distinction: Good faith is learning from your mistakes; bad faith is taking the mistakes of others as license to ratchet up their intensity 100x and fire them back.
Interests Journalism, epistemology, agnotology, climate disruption, climate policy, science communication, nevada county, democracy, fixing big money's oversized influence on government.