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Industry Fashion
Occupation fashion design
Introduction Just a new fashion designer who has random things to say and show, as well as trying to make it into the world.
Interests Laughing Till I Get a Six Pack, Imagining, Daydreaming, having light hearted or serious conversations with people, Looking at Sexy Cars, Collecting Panda Stuff, Eating and Sleeping, Cooking and Baking, doing random shenanigans with my sisters and friends, Playing Video Games, Singing, Designing and Making Clothes, Drawing, Taking Pictures of Everyday Life, Hanging Out With Friends and Family, Putting a Smile on Your Face
Favorite Movies The City of Lost Children, Big Fish, A Very Long Engagement, Inception, Labyrinth, Alice in Wonderland, All of Miyazaki's Work, Love Me If You Dare, Interview with the Vampire, MirrorMask, Science of Sleep, Kung Fu Panda, The curious case of Benjamin Button, 500 Days of Summer, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Favorite Music Experimental, Metal, Folk music, music in all sorts of languages, Pop rock, Rock, Jazz, Bossanova, Indie, Underground, hip hop, Electro, K-pop, J-pop, Pop, Dream pop
Favorite Books Francesca Lia Block, Alice In Wonderland, Twilight Saga, Mangas, Twelve Kingdoms, Fashion Magazines