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Occupation homemaker
Location St.Louis, MO
Introduction I am mom to 3 beautifully stinky boys. I am married to best friend. He is a hobo. My favorite color is a mix between silly putty and salmon. I like seeing the word color spelled 'colour' . . . I also prefer 'favourite' 'theatre' and 'GREY'. I Love the word 'wisp'. I Love ellipses . . . I am tired most days. I am happy always. I love my home & my family & my life.
Interests I Love trees, mushrooms, gnomes, lavender, birds!, Groundhogs, Hedgehogs, Prairie Dogs, Chinchillas, I Love Textiles, cotton, wool, silk, old linens, aprons, perty clothes, I use rags instead of paper towels, I Love old german toys, My favorite artist in the whole wide world is Einar Nerman - I also Love his name ` Einar Nerman!, I Love chunky everything, Wood and Iron anything, Smiley happy people, Crabby old men, Rowdy little boys and feisty little girls, I love rivers, river treasures, I Love to dig in the dirt, Always have, I could weed and garden for hours, I hate garden gloves, I hate to cook - although I do it at least 3 times a day!
Favorite Music I like music that makes me close my eyes and smile :), I like music that makes my toes wiggle.
Favorite Books I Love ALL books, especially ~ I LOVE vintage children's books, I Love the illustrations and the sweet and simple stories, I like history books, reference books, fables, tales, legends, Mythology, astrology, geology, theology, All books!, Craft books, cookbooks, songbooks!, Poetry, fiction and non, I like stinky old make-you-sneezy books, fragile-hardcover-falling-apart-pages books, beautifully illustrated books. And YOU! I Love YOU!

Sponges and tongues are frequently misspelled. Is it because both are thirsty?