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Industry Environment
Occupation Dream Maker, Doo Dooer
Location Atlantica, GA, British Indian Ocean Territory
Introduction I, Bam Bam, aka Slimily aka re-learning how not to knock things over, crash into walls, drive way way too fast, jump off decks, break knees, stub toes. Listening is big on my list right now, cause some have said my ears don't work (unless it's music)...but my mouth works too well (unless it's to sing). The Parker's, Kakes and Bam Bam, made it to the A by way of Seattle, Amsterdam and NYC. Kakes and Bam are both heavy into all things woah! Here at the WAS, I say "wee wee doo doo." that's how we achieve our hearts desire. dreams doo doo come tru tru. without the doo doo it's only a pipe dream. and i don't like pipes unless somebody's skating on em. and like i said, dreams doo doo come tru tru. repeat it often, etch it into your skin, write it on a cake, paint it on a wall, scratch it in a desk. dont let em fool you...dreams doo doo come tru tru.
Interests Yachting, Cloud Gazing, Flower Grazing, Lacrosse, Archery, Fencing, Star Crossing Lovers, Happy Hunting and Baking.
Favorite Movies The ones I'm making for the small screen. I dont really watch them often, but these already made movies make my eyes happy: Oliver (the old one), A Man and a Woman, Waking Life, The Breakfast Club, Two for the Road, The Red Balloon, Do The Right Thing, She's Gotta Have It, School Daze, Fame, anything by Jonathan Craven, Royal Tenenbaums... there's more, but I'm bored of the list already.
Favorite Music Janelle Monae, Kellis Parker, Maceo Parker, Divinity Roxx, The Kid, Reid Rich, Leaders of The New School...
Favorite Books The Alchemist by Senor Coehlo and every other book in every library in every world. reading is the foundation of my mental.

That can't really be a fish you're standing on, can it?

clay is whatcha get when rocks chemically break down over thousands and thousands of years...don't sleep. i just learned about atomantium, so i'm checking for that. logan stand up. storm sit down til you can do more damage. im seriously disappointed. and why is jean grey not super hott, like jean grae. come on movie land.