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Occupation Project Manager
Location Lisbon, Lisbon
Introduction 1.I really dislike flying. Thrills and spills do not excite me and neither does 6 miles of space between me and the ground. 2.I can speak a little Portuguese. Enough to make myself understood when I want “that size in that style and how much are they love?” 3.I can’t stand yoghurt. I think my aversion to it started around the time someone told me that it cures thrush. I don’t know about you but … isn’t the thought of spreading yoghurt on your nether regions a bit off-putting every time you look at a pot? 4.I love coffee. Straight up, black, hot and strong or with milk. Provided it comes with sugar, I’ll drink it. Forget latté and all the others – I want is as it comes … neat. 5.I can’t walk in heels – no matter how hard I try. I’m like Bambi on ice. Therefore I’m eternally regulated to kitten heels or flats. Which sometimes sucks. But so does a messy (and obvious) trip to the floor.
Interests Wandering, watching the world go by, reading, laughing, travelling, trains, open countryside, cats, coffee, candyfloss (not really interests some of these are they? more ‘likes’ than free time stuff … ) long hot showers, writing, discovering, self-education, stiff denim, leather gloves, ancient history and … many other things.
Favorite Books I don't have one. If it's in print, I'll read it.