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Gender MALE
Industry Construction
Occupation Cabinetmaker
Location North of Houston, Texas, United States
Introduction A son, father, uncle, grandfather, and baby boomer. Caught in the middle of what is right and the unsettling times in which we live.
Favorite Movies Anything Clint Eastwood(western), Top Gun (minus the gratuitous love interest), Quigley Down Under, The Patriot, The Windtalkers, .
Favorite Music Rob Thomas, Leo Kottke, Hendrix, anyone that plays a Chapman stick very well, That Little Band from Texas, Good blues, Celtic/Irish, etc.
Favorite Books Anything Stephan King, Tolkein, Heinlein, Golding, good poetry.

What's the most amount of sand you've ever had in your swimming trunks?

More than I care to mention here!