About me

Gender Male
Occupation UI Architect
Location Ottawa, Ontario
Introduction I'm husband to a beautiful wife, and recently became a father to a son. I maintain a website at if you want to read more of my 'wisdom'. Weekdays, I'm a work-at-home UI Architect interested in XHTML, CSS, Python, accessibility/Section 508, Linux, and hardware. I design web application interfaces for business/enterprise use. In the evenings and weekends I entertain myself with a variety of hobbies; I draw/paint, develop professional skills, play with the dog and parrot, and lately, work on refining and creating soundscapes in Boodler. I'm always listening to some tune or other, you can have a glance at my profile if you're curious as to what I'm listening to.
Interests Music, Linux, XHTML, CSS, Python, Hardware, Boodler
Favorite Movies V for Vendetta, Bill Murray, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Alien quadrilogy, Dune (Space miniseries)
Favorite Music Biosphere, Oophoi, Paul Schutze, Thomas Koner, Boards of Canada, Brain Pilot, The Future Sound of London, Yasunori Mitsuda, Jesper Kyd, Amon Tobin
Favorite Books Stephen Banks, Stephen Baxter, Alastair Reynolds, JRR Tolkien