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Location Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Introduction As an instructor with an MBA in International Marketing and Economics, I have a decade of experience in being the economist in the marketing department of an international company. I think I get a pretty accurate picture of how the students evaluate my class. “You can not be referred to as an easy instructor, but I have to thank you for what you do for us. You hold us accountable and taunt us into bringing our A game. KK Interior Design “There were times that I wanted to pull my hair out in frustration and times when I was on top of the world because I was excited and motivated with the project.” TS Filmmaking “I would not have been as challenged and inspired to succeed if I had a more laid back instructor. I could tell Pinto really cared about what he was trying to teach us through these projects.” JK Graphic Design “Slackers will never succeed in their business, and they will get a crash course in their ability to prepare through Pinto himself. …The past few months have been very difficult, but this is exactly what I needed. I benefited from this class completely and only wish I took it sooner.” AM Game Art Design

You've been entered in a shadow puppet contest. What's your best pose?

Unlike most adults, I still have my favorite toys from my childhood. I have three marionettes hanging over my kitchen sink. In Spring 2008, I went to visit Prague, Krakow and Budapest. The puppets in my profile picture were in a puppet factory in Prague. There were dozens. I ended up buying a three-headed dragon and the Don Quixote puppet you see. They are both in my family room.