August Larson

About me

Industry Fashion
Occupation Custom Clothing
Location Sacramento, California, United States
Introduction On the Fashion side of things, I've been all about clothing since I was 15. Thats when I first learned how to sew, but I became an apprentice for Sergei L at Alterations Express the following year in August. Thanks to him and his life experience in the trade, I now make clothing from scratch, pattern and all, as well as my own wardrobe. Fun fact: I haven't worn any brand of jeans a full day since I was 16. // For music, I've always adapted to music well ever since I was in diapers playing with the 7 key xylophone. I started on flute in 4th grade, added clarinet in 6th, and took off in 7th with drums. I decided to mainly focus on drums in 8th grade and stuck with it throughout high-school, learning a wide variety of percussion skills throughout those 5 years (including beat-making programs). I joined drumline the summer going into my freshman year playing bass, then tenors for the following 3 years. Fun Fact: I've performed at the Fillmore with a sold-out crowd.