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Occupation student
Location United States
Introduction I play the drums, I have an infinite thirst for knowledge, I am a student, I sell custom made notebooks and I like ideas.
Interests Drums, Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, Punk music, Ideas, Learning, Knowledge.
Favorite Movies Stand By Me
Favorite Music Sex pistols, The Clash, The Damned, Zero Boys, US Bombs, The Frantix, The Casualties, The Exploited, Brain Car, The Dictators, The Ramones, The Slits, Siouxsie and The banshies, Adam and The Ants, Adverts, Anti Flag, The Addix, Bad reaction, Bad religion, Banned In D.C., Generation X, Black Flag, Bio-Hazard, Captain sensible, Chaotic Discord, Distillers, Damaged Plan, Eater and Johnny Moped, Slaughter and the Dogs, Flipper, Happy Drivers, Iggy Pop, Lower Class Brats, Minor Threat, The Defects, Organized Chaos, Pattie Smith, Rotten Fux, Social Distortion, Television, The Badbrains, The Stranglers, The Unwanted, Trippers Gore, Wire, White Cross, The Vicious White Kids, X-ray Spex, Pagans, Violent Children, Terminal State, Government Warning, Direct Control, Career Suicide, Disarray, B.G.K., Born Against, Life's Blood, The Mobs, Crack Down, Misguided, The Used, Major Conflict, The Abused, The Expensives, Dub Rifles, D.O.A., Forgotten Rebels, The Spores, Disorder, Nightmare, Blitz, Ripcord, The Lurkers, Discharge, Subhumans, Stiff Little Fingers, Radiators From Space, E.A.T.E.R, Disarm, The Bristles, Asocial, S.O.D., Dr. Zeke, Discard, Fall Out, Chain Reaction, Wretched, Nabat, Skin E Punks=T.N.T, Z, Rose Rose, Zone, Screaming Noise, Coma, HHH, G.R.B., Bastards, SOS, The Ex, Pure Hate, Boomtown Rats, Burger Violence, The Kinks, Bill Of Rights, Dayglo Abortions, Death Sentance, DOA, Dogs Of War/Gentleman Of Horror, House Of Commons, Jerk Ward, The Neos, Nomeansno, Red Tide, Beyond Possession, Down Syndrome, Personality Crisis, The Demics, Direct Action, Negative Grain, Sons Of IIshmael, Sudden Impact, Young lions, YYY, Asexuals, Fair Warning
Favorite Books Breakfast of Champions.

If you could have any question, anything at all, answered, what would it be?