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Gender MALE
Industry Sports or Recreation
Occupation A Dude in the Industry
Location Skykomish, Washington, United States
Introduction It's not like bloggers have more constructive things to do with their time ... that's why we blog. So buckle up because it's time to travel down the bumpy road of "opinons are like asssholes...we all have them."
Interests My kids, my wife, my yard, Stabbin Cabin, Skull Mountain, Europe, Baldface, Baker, Bird, Haines, Snoqualimie, Stevens, Mini Bike Jumps, 18' dude tubes, cherry cherry pow pow, methods, squirrel boarding, bmx, lifting, swimming, talking shit, fucking with people, the sport of boating, taking photo's, blogging, making videos, phonetic spelling, Plymouths and Dodges from 60's, making people happy, helping people realize how stupid their questions really are, putting my foot in my mouth, South Park, Tosh.0, Workaholics, Shark Tank, Girls, Soprano's, NHRA, AMA, boxing not UFC but boxing, Seinfeld, Survivor, snowboard vids, the monthly surf, mingling, coffee, Hendricks Gin, High Life in the bottle, Wing Dome, Jolly Roger, meatball sub from Subway, ibuprofen, toques, foot clamps, shred sticks and what ever else you want to believe.
Favorite Movies Marley and Me, Defenders Of Awesome, The Town, The Fighter, Do the right thing, Milk, Big Blind, Who Care's, Robot Food, Lame, IR 77, Mountain Lab, Love/Hate, TB5, Subjekt Haakonson, The Garden, Road Kill, Afterlame, Kevolution, Kingpins Greatest Hits, POP, Yellow Fin, Whiskey, The Natural, Matrix, Shawshank Redemption, Friday, Colors, Green Mile, Big, Nemo, Boyz in the hood, CBT, Hustle and Flow, Taladega Nights, Bike Car, Lines, Heavy Metal Parking Lot.
Favorite Music ELDER, Van Halen, Pennywise, The Hunns, AC/DC, Supersuckers, Scott Sullivan, Replacements, Husker Du, Descendants, Ramones, Clash, Janes, NOFX, Coulor, Cadilac Tramps, Butt Fetish, Bouncing Souls, Nashville Pussy, US Bombs, Eddie Spagetti, Cult, Cure, Lynard Skynard, Bloc Party...
Favorite Books The Brothers Bulger, Black Rain, Punk Rock Dad, Blink, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, Tipping Point, The Dirt, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, Freakenomics, Penthouse Letters, Under the Banner of Heaven, Let My People Go Surfing.

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Clean shaving and free from combs.