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Gender MALE
Occupation Evil Toy Store Owner
Location Austin, Tx, United States
Introduction I'm a 40 year old divorcee who lives in Austin, TX, drinks coffee, has regular bowel movements, buys books at Halfprice, sees movies at Alamo, and resists the urge to kill the cats that wake him in the middle of the night wanting their heads scratched. I run a Toy Store in Austin, Texas that specializes in toys that some (mostly crazy evangelical types) would classify as . . . "evil". And while I'm on the subject, I happen to be missing one evil teddy bear from the inventory. If you've seen it, please don't hesitate to shoot it on sight and send me the remains. A reward will be forthcoming . . . just not a good one.
Interests Sex, wine, chocolate, books, travel, writing, sex, coffee, sex, god, religion, sex, music, film, sex.
Favorite Movies Alien, Uncle Buck, Young Frankenstein, Sin City, Spaghetti Westerns, Bladerunner, Amelie Television: Black Books, South Park, Fringe, Adult Swim, House, Twilight Zone
Favorite Music Garbage, Poe, B.B. King, Journey, Led Zeppelin, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Johnny Cash, Rolling Stones, Audioslave, Beatles, Cake, The Doors, Rossini, Gorillaz, The Killers, SRV, Ida Marie
Favorite Books A Prayer for Owen Meaney, The Power of One, Anything by Philip K. Dick, Watchmen, Fables, Y The Last Man, Anything by Stephen King, Barbara Hambly, Heinlein, Edgar Allen Poe

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