Rashmi Shah

About me

Introduction Hello everyone! I am Rashmi Shah - A founder of GharKaTadka. I am very health conscious and prefer to eat homemade, freshly cooked meals every day. I also do Pranayama and Cardio exercise daily for about one hour to keep myself fit. I believed in cooking food with fresh ingredients every day without preservatives, artificial flavor, GMO, growth hormone, and cane foods. I started blogging as cooking was my passion and I always wanted to do that. I could not have reached @250 Plus recipes without all your support and love. Thank you, all blogger friends and readers, for your support and that makes me going. I hope you enjoy my recipes and cooking them for your friends and family. Please do take a little time to comment on the recipes, as your feedback means a lot to me. And don’t forget to share the recipes on your favorite social networks.