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Gender Female
Industry Chemicals
Occupation Pastry Peddler
Location The Woods, Canada
Links Audio Clip
Introduction The ongoing legends of a frumpy dumpling.
Interests Stuff that Is Not Promised to Be, But May Be Relevant: Im an alcoholic for chocolate, I have a fetish for office supplies, The suitcase full of tea under my kitchen table, Vegetables but not vegetarians, The shape of leaves, The smell of orange peel, Coloured glass - especially red, The colours of the 70's, The music of the 80's; Sci-Fi on the Wi-Fi, my Brown Betty Teapot, Chubby children and animals hurt my stomach, voices, I dont like new things. It's a bold statement but I stand by it - I like old things, Hats., Beer, Beer hats...? Woah.., A nice warm bowl of soup, Sparkly things, sexy ladies, Ugly Kitsch Garbage- but its such a fine line, Leeks, Sweet Potatoes, Dark black soil, Owls and Octopi, Nina Simone, Not wearing socks, Excessive usage of bracketing and capital letters in on-line speech, Peacock feathers, Paintings, Edward Lear, Ivor Cutler, Popsicles, Weeds, Singing Little Songs, An old and overweight pug dog trying to keep up with his master despite comically small legs, wonky eyes and a tongue that wont stay put in it's mouth, Bees and their honey, Farting is hilarious, Xena: Warrior Princess, Other peoples doodles and illustrations, Puking up Bordeaux Cherry Icecream, Old family photographs, Probably not you, Boots, A clean house, Angry Young Men, Refrigerators, Rain - it makes everything so quiet, Things from other countries, Kicking in skulls, Canadian Rye, Turnips, Rude things in the clouds, My Nans Recipe Books, Reading ingredient lists of perfume and tea to fall asleep, Accents, Thai Red Curry, Christian Bale, Orange Juice, Blondie, England annnnnnnnnnnnnd nachos. I don't ever NOT want nachos. I want nachos.
Favorite Movies Off the top of my head, the bowels of my heart and in no particular order: American Psycho, Drop Dead Fred * Any movie by Hayao Miyazaki, anything with puppets, Christian Bale, David Bowie Cameos, Odd Characters with Unconvincing accents and Robots Kicking Ass, Movies with gratuitous gore, I've always really liked Indiana Jones #3...., Sundry pornographies, That one with that guyyyyyy whats his face-- he's married to the redhead with buggy eyes and its really sad or something.. it has a crow in it?
Favorite Music I only like the song "Mr. Bojangles", thats the only song I like.

That can't really be a fish you're standing on, can it?

This is my standing fish. Mind your own fucking business.