The woman behind the desk...

About me

Industry Internet
Occupation Herder of Cats
Location United States
Introduction I'm a girl-woman, woman-girl. I've jumped out of an airplane, hiked through Utah, slept in a canyon, driven cross country, broken my hip, watched my dad almost die. I've loved a family man, an alpha-male, a bum, a photographer, a VP, a cowboy, a soldier, a suit who plays guitar, and a sensitive geek. I've yet to settle down. I laugh loud and often. I'm a poet. I'm a sloppy drunk. I have two godsons I spoil without hesitation. I'm loyal to a fault. Making fun of politicians amuses me. I know how to knit. I own a Whirly Pop. My mom is one of my best friends. I have seen every episode of Charmed ever made. Given an opportunity I will drink an entire bottle of Cakebread Cabernet in one sitting.