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Introduction has been a computer network engineer for over 25 years in NYC working in various industries including telecomms, airlines and advertising. He has worked on such diverse projects as domestic satellite digital audio transmission systems and the Washington-Moscow "Hotline." In his spare time, he has worked with the Internet Engineering Task Force and has contributed to several Requests for Comments (RFCs -- formalized peer-reviewed memoranda addressing and defining Internet standards). He has been studying the e-vote-counting problem since 2004, and has become a full-time advocate for verified elections (not just "verifiable" ones). Stanislevic believes there are some viable solutions to the election verification problem, but that in general, there is not enough of a commitment to implementing them. He co-authored the first risk-based statistical audit law in the nation, NJ C.19:61-9 (PL 2007 Ch. 349) and papers on election auditing, voting system reliability and standards published by The American Statistical Association, Verified Voting and VoteTrustUSA. He has contributed to NY State's Voting System Standards and two drafts of NY's Election Auditing and Recanvass regulations.