About me

Gender Male
Occupation Cop
Location Central, Louisiana, United States
Introduction I'm a grandpaw who has lived a life of adventure, and resent having to slow down. I've been a Tank Commander, a Company Commander, an MP. My main career has been law enforcement, with 30 years and counting. At this stage of my life, the most important people in my life call me PawPaw. You've come to PawPaw's House. Sit back and enjoy. Email me at ddezendorf at yahoo dot com (all spambots must die)
Interests Gunning, reloading, writing, motorcycles.
Favorite Movies Tombstone, The Cowboys, Dances With Wolves, and Crossfire Trail.
Favorite Music Classical, country, rock and roll.
Favorite Books The King James Bible (blessed are the peacemakers), Paco Kelley's Leverguns, A Brief History of Time.