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Gender MALE
Industry Education
Occupation Astronomer/Teacher
Location Santa Cruz, California
Introduction I'm the astronomy program chair at Cabrillo College near Santa Cruz, CA. An astronomy researcher for 30 years, an avid astrophotographer, nature photographer, and triathlete for just as long. I am also a trader in equities. I find a deep need to find, appreciate, and celebrate beauty in all its forms, and to understand myself and the World, and to share that understanding with my students and friends.
Interests Astronomy, triathlon, photography, kayaking, movies
Favorite Movies Casablanca, Rabbit-Proof Fence, Whale Rider, Raiders of the Lost Ark, V for Vendetta, It's a Wonderful Life, On the Beach, The Black Stallion, The Professional, The Sound of Music, Jerimiah Johnson, Last of the Mohicans
Favorite Music Rachmaninoff, Tchiakovsky, Mahler, Peter Gabriel, Sting, Mayim, Beethoven sonatas, most piano works, but I got no room for blues
Favorite Books "The Snow Leopard" by Peter Mathiessen, "Running the Amazon" by Joe Kane, "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand, "Iron John" by Robert Bly, "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" by Robert Pirsig, "The Psychology of Romantic Love" by Nathaniel Branden, "The Fabric of the Universe" by Brian Greene, "The Alchemy of Finance" by George Soros