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Occupation Food Gawker
Location Foodville, CA, United States
Introduction I dilly dally on a daily basis. I waste too much time measuring my stomach rolls and back fat. I just wanna eat. ALL. THE. TIME. Ar...are you gonna eat that?
Interests eating, drinking, cooking, food gawking, binging then purging, napping, drooling, pointing and laughing, obnoxiously flipping my hair, practicing karate chops, lolligagging- just a bit of lolli-ing and a lot of gagging, pestering waiters for more bread, waving to my adoring fans, storming out of restaurants if I've missed the all you can eat buffet, asking friends for their leftovers, bitchin' and moanin', getting back-stabbed, plotting revenge, raising my fist to heaven and asking "WHY?!?!", being misunderstood, giggling at before-and-after plastic surgery pictures, checkin out my fat ass when I pass by a reflective surface, nurturing my road rage, judging books and people by their covers, trying to score with Kermit, gloating, doubling down on twelve, running with scissors, rubbing it in, speeding up when the light turns yellow, trying to get the Muppets to do a reunion tour, starting then quitting Overeaters Annonymous, licking my plates clean, leg warmers, outing moochers and making them pay
Favorite Books I'm Just Here for the Food - Alton Brown, Everyone Poops - Taro Gomi and Amanda Mayer Stinchecum, The Gas We Pass - Shinta Cho and Amanda Mayer Stinchecum