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Introduction = the Blogmeister ! I am younger than Letterman but older than Fallon. My Living Abode vacillates between Key West, Florida and Loudoun County, Virginia. I have a 20 something daughter. Also, an 8 something cat (Stimey) and a 6+ something dog (Rascal). And 2 former spouses. Let me say, right up front that I have a unique creative writing style. It’s not that I don’t know the Rules of Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation – it’s just that I make up my own, at times, to make my own point, clearly in my own style. If I want to draw heavy attention to certain subject words – I’ll capitalize them .. or underline them. I use the hyphen, quite often (as you’ve seen) when a comma just doesn’t suit my expression. Also, I’ll use ( .. ) to have the Reader pause, longer, with me. And, I feel the parentheses is needed more than it’s given credit for. I have been known to capitalize an entire word, for emphasis. I may wish to have you stop and think about a point by ending a sentence with ( … ) instead of a period. All that said - I, pretty much, do what I like ! If you would like to contact me – you may, through my Agent, at:
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