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Gender MALE
Occupation Civil Engineer
Location BATU PAHAT, JOHOR, Malaysia
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Introduction hmmm...here goes...I'm spontaneous, I'm witty, I'm stubborn, I'm a lover and a fighter, I'm vain, I'm the type of friend who's most likely to pick on u if I like u (haha!!), I'm laidback and carefree, I enjoy a good laugh, I'm sociable, I'm friendly but u wouldn't want to cross me, I could rip u to shreds (haha!! I can't, really..), I live my life for me, i hate wars (it scares the crap out of me..*sigh*), I can get along with pretty much anyone as long as they are intelligent, I have a lot of dreams, but not a lot of patience, so my dreams don't really tend to pan out, I'm a very typical sagit, I am not selfish, judgmental, nor I am superficial, I believe people are great by their personality alone....and one more thing - - - I hate creepy crawlies... yuckss!!
Interests MeMaJuKaN kAwAsAn Kg D bAtU pAhAt, mEmAjUkAn InDuStRi PeRlAdAnGaN gEtAh, MeNuBuHkAn yAyAsAn iBu tUnGgAl, MeLuAsKaN kUaSa JaJaHan tAkLuK sUlTaN JoHoR, MeMbAnTeRaS jEnAyAh tErHaDAp KaNaK - KaNAk, mEnYaPu SaMpAh, MoP LaNtAi, LaP tInGkAp, BaSuH piNgGan N KuAli SeRtA PeRiUk BeLaNgA, GaMiNg, FuTsAl, FuTbAlL N SePaK TaKrAw
Favorite Movies d ArMeGeDdOn (bEsT MoVie EvEr), OcEaN 11, 12 AnD 13, TeRmInAtOr 1, 2 aNd 3, ItAlIaN Job, FaNtaStIc 4, BaTmAn, SpIdErMaN, TaXi, KuNgFu HuStLe (aLl StEpHen ChOw MovIeS) tHe DrIvEn, aLl RaMbO sErIeS, DrUnKeN MaStEr, n MuCh mOrE, I JuZ cAn'T ReMeMbEr....
Favorite Music sYstEm Of A dOwn, LiNkIn PaRk, GoOd ChArLoTte, MuSe, AvRiL LaViGnE, AlL AmErICAn RejEcTs, AliEnt AnT FaRm, SuM 41, MeTaLlIca, LiLy AlLeN, sCoRpIoNs, KrU, SlaM, FrAnZ FeRdInaNd, HoObAsTaNk, RasMus, ReD Hot ChiLi PepPers. ok, lEt MaKe iT siMple, i LoVe mUsIc aS LoNg As I LiKe iT....
Favorite Books ThE MiLliOnAiRe In Me, tHe GhoSt StOrIeS fRoM sInGaPoRe (aLl EdItIoN) UtOpIa, rEaDeSt diGeSt, d SuBjEcTiOn Of wOmAn, d AdVenTuRe oF sHeRlOcK hOlmEs, StEaLiNg d NeTwoRk, d CrImE sUsPeNcE, n LotZzZz MoRe...