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Location Santa Barbara, California, United States
Introduction I love laughing out loud by myself because then you really know something is funny. I especially love when you think of that funny thing later and laugh out loud in a crowd by yourself, this is the highest level of funny. I love all things pumpkin flavor. I love treasures. I love guacamole. I used to think I would be happiest on an island by myself with a book, but lately I am finding maybe my island is better with people... and books. I think love is for the birds. I think love is for the people too. Birds shouldn't hog all the love. Rude birds.

Your superpower is that you smell like dandelions whenever someone lies. How will you maintain your secret identity?

As far as I am concerned this is a bunk superpower because dandelions don't really smell like much except grass. How would you feel if you were on a lovely walk with your lovely boyfriend and you smelled the freshly cut grass just as you happened to say "I think I am falling in love with you"... and the boyfriend says "me too"... and you smelled grass. So you dump him. Damn dandelion smell.