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Occupation Potter
Location Holland Centre, Ontario, Canada
Introduction Well for a long time I was a proffesional baker specializing in organic grains and flours. Breads and Pastries, european style.Homemade Puff pastry and danish pastries and croisants. In 2003 Garry and I wed. with that we both got 3 step-children, He, my 2 sons and 1 daughter, and I, His 3 daughters. they are all between 25 and 33 and endlessly interesting. In the past 5 years my oldest son and his wife have had 2 children,a girl, 5 ,and a boy 4, also endlessly interesting. In 2004 a friend opened a pottery school, being supportive I signed up not knowing it would change my life. I always though I would return to the Printmaking of my youth, now I combine all those skills in pottery. Garry has also taken lessons and has built a studio for us over his woodshop, where he is a Cabinetmaker/woodworker. But what we really love to do together (in Public) Is Dance, Ballroom dancing, Tango, Contra, which is a form of Irish/french canadian style of square dancing, danced to traditional reels and jigs,almost always to a fabulous local band full of friends.
Interests Pottery, Baking, Cooking, making Bobbin lace, All my children, my grandchildren.
Favorite Movies Babettes feast, Dr. Zivago, Far from the Madding Crowd, The princess bride, Eat Drink Man Women, Lock stock and two smoking barrels. Lots more.
Favorite Music Pretty much everything, especially if you can dance to it.
Favorite Books Terry Pratchett's Discworld Series keeps me grounded, and lots more

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