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Gender Female
Location Wisconsin, United States
Introduction I'm 14. Birthdays November 8, 1996. Im kinda short. I'm only 4'10" everyone i knoww looks down on me. Dont worry, im growing! I live in a town in wisconsin that you've probably never heard of. if you really want to know, its called De Pere. I have a funky personality. I will make you constantly laugh.:] oh, and im awesomeee! &&&ahhh-mazing! I also love...having fun. JUSTIN BIEBER. winter. fall. almond milk. pom & dance. jwowww. tv. my ipod. facebook. tumblr. blogging. taking pictures of myself. vinny. colorful things. purple. my franss :] . barnes n' nobles. wal*mart. the smell of gas. swimming. dancing. acting retarded. dj pauly-d. swearing. frozen yogurt. pretty little liars. babies. puppies. the hangover. glee. magnets. free things. the situation. cracking my knuckles. being funny. talking. trampolines. peanut butter. colorguard. sledding. inner-tubing. blueberry muffin poptarts! jersey shore. snooki. my phone. sleeping. puzzles. taking showers. fluffy things. desperate housewives. bananas&&peanutbutter. tumbling. ice cold water. GREEN BAY PACKERS <3. OH YEAHHHH, my name's megan, and i have had an eating disorder for over 3 years.
Interests Facebook, Blogging, Soccer!, Laughing, Going On Tumblr.
Favorite Movies The Hangoverr!
Favorite Music Anything Ke$ha or JUSTIN BIEBER!!!
Favorite Books i dont like to read ;)

Your people want to make a statue in your honor. What will it be made out of and what victory will it commemorate?

it will be of gold and its because i was just too awesome. :]