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Introduction I live with Bipolar disorder and he wont leave, even when i change the locks he always seems to get his own key. I'm also a father of 4, I work for my self which is both good and bad. When I'm balanced I get a lot of work but when I'm down... well, you know the story. I started a website in March 2008 to try and use humor and mental health to educate and heal. Now Blogging for my cartoons at: with over 100,000 in it first year. I also do my own Cartoon-a-thon each year to promote mental health awareness during the month of May. That side is at with 31 new cartoons for 2009. I would love to trade links with you if you e-mail me at
Interests What I wish for is that YOU will become a sponsor for my cartoons so we can get them into the hand of all my dear peer who need a littel humor in their recovery.
Favorite Movies "Better Off Dead" LOL it is a real movie, a must see!
Favorite Music Well, you will soon find out I can't spell if my life depend on it! I'm a big, some times scary guy that is a marshmallow at heart... just don't tick me off because even though I will try to forget and I will say all is forgotten... I can never let it go. My family is my life! Yet i'm the biggest threat to them with my mental illness... I am always in flux, looking to stay balanced yet never truly find it. Well the short answer is I want my friends to really know who I am... for better or worst, Bipolar and all. Most of you know the fun, goofy, nut job, life of a party guy and a few of you know the dark, self-loathing, weirdo... but together i'm like peanut-butter and chocolate... ummm... chocolate!
Favorite Books "Never try to scare a Highly Sensitive Person with extremely erratic violent reactions when startled. Especially if they have a sharp object or bat!" by Chato B. Stewart