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Introduction A former tank unit commander, military lawyer, and paratrooper, I left the Army to go into private practice. Not even the skills I had learned as a graduate of the Air Force's Unconventional Warfare School and the Army's Airborne, Ranger and Jungle Expert schools, could prepare me for dealing with angry divorce clients. When I had milked all of the fun out of the practice of law that I could stand, I went to work as a general assignment reporter for a small newspaper. It was yet another disappointment. Editors were generally happy with the stories but expected most of the words to be spelled correctly. To the surprise and shock of editors and publishers I won three state press awards. The Mahko series came to me and gave me no choice but to write it. Mahko Anaya is an Apache veteran of today's Army. A decorated vet, he is a 21st Century man with a 19th Century soul. "Mahko's Price" was the first part of the story, followed by "Mahko's Knife". Part 3 of the story, "Mahko's Gift," now available. "Pale Blue Jesus" is a murder mystery with an unusual cop, an unusual victim, and God as a suspect. Added to that, the "murder" may not be a crime.