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Industry Technology
Location United States
Interests News, Ideas, Expressions of love, political philosophy, ocean waves, tv shows that get canceled (such as firefly, Stargate Universe, Star Trek: Enterprise, and Dead like Me) and shows that made a mark (L Word and Sopranos).
Favorite Movies The Help, Eat Pray Love, Body of lies, Blood Diamond, The Brave One, Happy Feet, 12 monkeys, Closer, Lost in Translation, Pulp fiction, Charlie, Femme Fatale, Bridget Jones, Broadcast News, Vanilla Sky, AI, Pulp Fiction, Galaxy Quest, Ghost World, Napoleon Dynamite, The Incredibles, Ice Age 2, Lonesome Dove, Gettysburg, Altered States
Favorite Music Satie, Debussy, Esthero, Zero 7, Incubus, Vince Guaraldi, Esthero, A Perfect Circle, Fleetwood mac, The B52s, Sound Garden, Sade, Tangerine Dream, Godsmack (acoustic only)
Favorite Books Game of Thrones, The Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy, Friday, The guns of the south, The accidental tourist, Flowers for algernon, Eon, Lonesome Dove, The Silmarillion, The Good war by studs terkel, The war against the chtorr, The Thornbirds, Cannery Row, On a pale horse, The chronicles of Thomas Covenant the unbeliever, Dragon's Dawn, The accidental tourist, Childhood's end, The songs of distant earth, Catch-22, Worlds, Worlds apart, Dilbert and the way of the weasel, A diplomatic history of the American people, The truth about dogs, The Forever War, Ringworld, The Thornbirds

What's the most amount of sand you've ever had in your swimming trunks?

Enough that I never got in the ocean again. I am also blind as a bat. Could I even see a shark?