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Gender MALE
Occupation Community Development
Location San Francisco, CA, United States
Introduction Living in San Francisco with my wife, daughter Isabella, those I share life with, and the people I bump into along the way. On a quest to becoming whole, to becoming human the way the Creator has designed it, and to helping others do the same. Enjoying life meditating, exercising, studying, playing the guitar, engaging in life-giving conversation, working with my power tools, and cooking sweet vegetarian meals. Sustained by the life of the Creator and the community he has made me a part of.
Interests fun things. having deep theological conversations. reading, studying, thinking. planning, designing, demolishing, building, finishing projects. working out. trying to figure out what in the world God is doing in this world and helping Him. Hanging out with human beings, especially ones with whom others might not want to. People, Theology, History, Philosophy, Jesus and His Kingdom, Community, people, conversations, and things of this nature
Favorite Movies a variety...stuff with gratuitous sex is out for sure
Favorite Music lots of different stuff
Favorite Books THE Book; NT Wright, EP Sanders, Brian McLaren, Parker Palmer, and anything referenced in any of their books. History, theology, and philosophy. Postmodern stuff. Sociology. Emerging culture and consciousness stuff.